About Vermont Tibetan Rugs

VTR began offering high quality Tibetan carpets and rugs in the Summer of 2003 on a 120 acre Christmas tree farm in Northern Vermont.  Each rug was individually chosen for this mountainous area.  When I travel to the Himalayas of Tibet to choose hand-knotted Tibetan carpets,  I select designs that appeal to the mountain homes in Vermont.  Now many years later, I am proud to offer my customers four different lines of Tibetan rugs from Nepal and Tibet.  My collection of hand-knotted and flat woven rugs has expanded to include rugs from eight different countries and regions of the carpet producing world: Turkish kilims and Nepalese and Tibetan traditional and contemporary designs, Iranian tribal nomadic ancient patterns, Afghanistan prayer rugs, Russian Caucasus’s Mountains, and both India and Pakistan tribal and contemporary rugs.

My Rugs

My rugs are all natural wool with some silk fibers, handmade, hand-knotted on a factory or family made portable nomadic loom.  None of my rugs are machine made or synthetic.  I prefer to offer hand spun, hand dyed all wool rugs for several reasons.  All wool is a durable fiber that is stain-resistant, biodegradable, and does not pollute the indoor air with off gases from glues and other synthetic materials as hand tufted rugs do.

My customers can choose from my extensive collection of patterns, designs and sizes or can custom design their own rugs choosing their own colors, styles and sizes.


My mission continues to be one of offering the highest quality hand-made, hand loomed rugs from many regions of the world, always free of child labor, and with special care to work with manufacturers who give back to the communities that produce their carpets either by putting carpet weavers children through school, building a cleft palate, burn hospital/clinic, supporting orphanages, and revitalizing the art of Tibetan weaving and carpet making.