After years of development, Tibet Rug Company is introducing a stunning new line of wool soumaks. These handmade rugs are woven in traditional Suzani and Kazak designs with 100% New Zealand wool.  Vibrant colors combined with subtle abrash ceate a look and feel that pleases the contemporary eye while honoring tradition.  This collection is available through Tibet Rug Company and on line at

Inspired by the simple grace of the Tibetan people, Tibet Rug Company emerged in 1991 with a clear vision: to unite our separate worlds in creative expression.   Here, the ancient art of hand-knotted carpets combines beautifully with contemporary designs.

Tibet Rug Company is committed to giving back to the wonderful people of Nepal.  In 2002 Tibet Rug Company became the driving force for Nepal Cleft & Burn Center, a teaching hospital delivering needed medical services to the people of Nepal.

Kazak designs trace their origins primarily to the tribal art of the Caucasus region near the Caspian Sea.  Carpet production in this part of the world has diminished dramatically to the point where most Caucasian carpets are now collectable antiques.  Tibet Rug Company has developed these unique tribal designs into soumak construction woven in rich color tones consistent with original Caucasian carpets.


VTR is happy to ship rugs for customer consideration as long as customer agrees to the stated RETURN POLICY and CANCELLATION POLICY.